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Introducing, Team SteelSeries.


Edwin is a Chicago based streamer who plays FIFA on Twitch. Castro is big on raising money for charity and has raised over $88,000 for St. Jude this year.


Sheever is not only a streamer, but she also is a caster, interviewer and a host when it comes to all things Dota 2 tournaments. Did we mention she loves Dota 2?!


IAmSp00n, Twitch streamer and hardcore gamer finds himself spending 10+ hours playing games both alone and with an audience. Samuel grew up with gaming, and from the day he got his first gaming PC, he knew that he wanted to share his passion with the gaming community.


Aydren has a huge passion for streaming games via console and pc. His stream is all about interaction which is what he prides himself on the most. The game at the top of his list right now: H1Z1. Don't hesitate to stop by and join his channel. You are always welcomed!


Wootystyle is not only a broadcaster but he’s also an Air Force Veteran, Magician, old-school Pro Gamer (Halo 1+2, Rainbow Six) and Game Designer. He has played in competitive FPS communities since he was 14. 


AnthonyAcc is a variety streamer over on Twitch. Anthony's stream is about having a great time, whether it be playing video games or creating art about them. Life is short, let's have some fun together.


Shytomb favorites mostly FPS games such as H1Z1 and CS:GO, but still considers herself a variety caster. Shytomb has two cats and one dog all named after the Arrested Development TV show whom are huge part of her life. Shytomb might be a very small person at the height of 5'0, but she has a lot to say which makes her love talking to and being a part of this fantastic community.


BadNewsBaron is a full-time Twitch partner and dedicated to promoting and entertaining the Star Citizen community. Baron is an aficionado in all things space related.


DocGotGame is a full-time variety MMO broadcaster on Twitch who provides his viewers with informative gameplay, opinions, and general advice on the genre. What DocGotGame lacks in skill he tries to make up for with a positive atmosphere and good hearted humor. Doc loves making people smile and Twitch allows him to do that everyday between the hours of 11am and 7pm EST.

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